Alien Bounty Hunter (working title)

Genre: Sci-Fi Action/Comedy

Comparison: What if the Men in Black were private contractors? Hunting down the worst criminals the

galaxy has to offer.


When Trent, a bounty hunter of extraterrestrial criminals hiding on Earth, takes a job to track down a

mysterious stolen weapon, he's soon in over his head; facing both the wrath of an intergalactic mob

boss, and even worse, his jilted ex-girlfriend.


After being abducted the by alien slavers the day before his wedding, Trent McClure escaped, but after

being rescued by an intergalactic police force, he was forced to work for his rescuers, tracking down

alien criminals hiding on earth, the boondocks of the galaxy. When he takes a job to find a mysterious

cube stolen from the intergalactic shapeshifting mob boss Marek, he and his partner, an alien named

Hodd, are soon dragged back to Chicago, the city where his jilted girlfriend Shannon lives. He's forced to

face her again while rescuing her from Marek, who's come looking for the cube himself. Shannon is

drawn into the wild and dangerous world that Trent lives in, and they discover that there's far more to

both the cube, and each other, than it seems.