Bros & Cons

Genre: Comedy

Comparison: Undeclared meets Brothers Bloom


A young college student discovers his fraternity is a front for a group of con men, and must join them in

order to save the college, and win the heart of a sweet sorority girl.


After being turned down by every fraternity on campus, NATHAN DOYLE, a freshman business college

student, becomes desperate to fit in somewhere. He’s reluctantly accepted into the outcast fraternity of

Lambda Iota Epsilon, who the college is forcing to accept a new initiate, or shut down. Soon Nathan

realizes that there’s something strange going on at Lam-Io-Eps, discovering that all his frat-brothers are

con men, pulling huge swindles over the rich kids of the college. They're part time students, and full time

criminals. Left with no choice, he starts to learn the way of the con, getting involved in the biggest scam

of the decade. When the college is threatened to be taken over by a bigger, meaner rival, it’s up to

Nathan and the misfits of Lam-Io-Eps to save the day by minoring in business, and majoring in crime.